Lung cancer stage 4

First Posted: Mar 01, 2021 06:19 PM EST
Lung cancer stage 4

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Nowadays, lung cancer is the most widespread cancer type. As a rule, smoking is usually the main cause of this disease. Despite the technological advances of modern medicine, lung cancer stage 4 cannot be cured. According to the statistics, lung cancer affects more than half a million people every year, and the number is increasing constantly.

All doctors can give a patient is few additional years of life. Currently, the leaders in lung cancer treatment are Germany, Turkey, and Switzerland. Here you can find the most advanced technologies for cancer treatment and patient care.


Unfortunately for patients, most lung neoplasms are asymptomatic at their early stages. That's why most patients are diagnosed with the pathology only at the advanced stages of lung cancer when metastases appear. To detect cancer as early as possible, it is necessary to have regular medical examinations.

In addition, it is desirable for everyone to know the symptoms that may indicate the presence of lung cancer:

●       Cough with blood sputum

●       Pain in the chest

●       Shortness of breath

●       Sudden weight loss

If you experience one or more symptoms for a long time, it is better to undergo a medical check-up. This will help detect the disease at its initial stages.


As a rule, at the initial stages of cancer, the effectiveness of treatment is very high. Today, one of the most common methods of treating the initial stages of lung cancer is surgery. This allows the tumor cells to be completely removed from the body.

However, if it is cancer that already has metastases, the prognosis for the patient's life worsens. The approach to the treatment of these patients includes a comprehensive therapy aimed at prolonging the patient's life, as well as improving his general health state. As a rule, chemotherapy or radiation therapy are used in addition to surgery in order to increase its efficiency.

State-of-art treatment methods

One of the most modern approaches to treating lung cancer is tumor embolization. The aim of this method is to cut off the blood supply of the tumor cells, so that the neoplasm stops receiving oxygen and necessary nutrients, and stops growing. In addition, metabolic by-products are also accumulated in the tumor, which leads to its additional damage.

During chemoembolization, a local injection of a chemotherapeutic drug into the vessels that feed the tumor is performed. The main advantage of chemoembolization is that the chemotherapeutic drugs do not enter the systemic bloodstream and affect only the tumor. This helps to avoid the side effects of systemic chemotherapy. In addition, higher drug dosages can be used.

Treatment during COVID-19

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, numerous patients experience difficulties with receiving treatment in foreign countries. Because of the lockdown, millions of patients are unable to receive the necessary therapy. If you find yourself in this situation, don't be discouraged. There is a solution to this problem today.

In order to undergo treatment abroad, you need to contact the international medical tourism operator Booking Health. A team of experts will help you in organizing your treatment abroad, including the preparation of all necessary documents. With Booking Health you can be sure that you will be treated in the best clinics in the shortest time.

Treatment in the best foreign hospitals

If you do not want to waste energy and time organizing the treatment by yourself, you can entrust it to professionals. The medical tourism operator Booking Health has been managing this for many years. With the help of the company, you can get the best treatment options for lung cancer stage 4 at affordable prices.

All you need to do is to leave your request on the Booking Health website and wait for a response. In the shortest time, you will be contacted by the medical advisor who will provide you with all the necessary information about the advantages of different types of cancer treatment. The following benefits will be available to you:

●       Selection of the best-specialized hospitals

●       Personalized choice of the attending physician

●       Transfer from the airport

●       Personal interpreting services

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