How Dor Eckstein Became a Fitness Guru

First Posted: Feb 19, 2021 08:03 PM EST
Dor Eckstein

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Dor Eckstein is a well-known fitness instructor from Israel. He has many clients, all of whom he helps to achieve their fitness goals. His many years of experience have taught him hard work and perseverance.

According to Dor Eckstein, many people want to look good with good physic, but they cannot work. Exercising is not easy, and it may strain your body. However, in most cases, people get exhausted from the monotony.

 Fitness instructors should have a variety of routines that their clients can enjoy. Working out seems like punishment when you do the same thing every day. Dor Eckstein changed the narrative and moved from the usual routines to something more epic and fascinating to the clients.

To become an excellent fitness guru, you have to understand what your clients need and the routines to help them achieve it. It is unwise to take all your clients' needs collectively because each person has a different body shape and stamina. Dor Eckstein shares some vital steps that can help you achieve the title of fitness guru.

1.    Start with Yourself

From his childhood stories, it is evident that Dor Eckstein was overweight for a significant number of years. It was a difficult childhood for him because most of his friends were slim and fit. He couldn't help but feels jealous sometimes because he wanted to look better.

He did not stop at jealousy because he knew that was not where his journey ends. He made it his mission to change his appearance by putting in the work and effort. He started visiting the gym more frequently, and he began to eat healthily and kept a strict diet.

To avoid adding more fat, he threw out oily foods and sweet drinks. Gradually, he joined the world of fitness, and it became a significant part of him. He lost weight and got a chiseled figure. It is there that he decided that he would like to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Currently, he has over 9000 clients. They mainly depend on his routines that help with the physic. They also depend on his diet plan that ensures they stay healthy even as they burn fat.

2.    Learn about Fitness


Dor Eckstein points out that even after you have achieved your own fitness goals, you have to have a holistic understanding of fitness to help others. People have different body types, and that is a crucial area a fitness guru should focus on. In essence, the rate at which one person loses weight might differ from that of another person because they have a different metabolism.

With that background, you can establish personalized workout routines for your clients. The timeframe should be reasonable and compatible with the outcomes your clients wish to achieve. The practices used by a person who wants to add muscle and a person who wants to lose weight differ.

Ensure originality and give your routines a unique name. Using names already in the market is marketing other people as opposed to you. 

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