If You’re Renovating, Be Kind to the Environment with These Ideas

First Posted: Nov 26, 2020 09:46 AM EST
If You’re Renovating, Be Kind to the Environment with These Ideas

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When looking back at the tumultuous ride 2020 has been, it's a wonder how we managed to survive it all. Well, that's a little dramatic but it's okay to admit that it's been rough. The global pandemic that caused many businesses to shut down, many people to lose their jobs, and millions of people abiding by stay-at-home orders. 

Despite it all, life goes on and one industry managed to bounce back quicker than one would expect. HomeLight's 2020 Q3 survey reveals that 92% of surveyed real estate agents say they are experiencing a very strong market and it'll continue to get better in the upcoming months. 

This is great news if you're looking to sell your house in the near future! The likelihood of receiving an offer (or have buyers enter a bidding war, as 88% of agents are experiencing) are pretty good! 

One way you can increase the value of your home is by doing a few home renovations. But, if you're an environmentally conscious person, you might hesitate. Fear not! There are a few ways you can give your home a new look while still being mindful of the world around you. 

Let's take a look at our ideas. 

1. Use recycled or reclaimed materials

Renovating doesn't necessarily mean you have to use brand new materials to get the job done! You can achieve the desired look by using reclaimed or recycled materials! Let's say you want to turn your basement into a place to watch the game and have fun. You could build a bar out of reclaimed palettes, which could save you up to 50% in materials! If you're considering creating a new patio (which 20% of agents say their clients are very interested in), look for places nearby that offer reclaimed bricks or pavers. You get the idea... 

2. Invest in energy-efficient windows and doors

Older homes are notorious for having drafty windows and doors. They simply aren't up to Energy Star standards! By replacing your old windows with triple glazed windows that have fiberglass frames, you're going to save energy because the ambient air will remain steady. Also, when you're looking for an energy efficient door, consider checking out Energy Star's break down of what to look for in an energy efficient door

3. Find any air leaks and seal them up!

If you're going to upgrade the windows and doors, of course you're going to seal any gaps to prevent air leaks. However, you should also go throughout the rest of your house to find drafts or poorly insulated areas. This means sealing gaps in air ducts, upgrading (or adding more) insulation to attics and the basement. You can also use a draft blocker on the bottom of doors to prevent air leaks. 

4. Choose energy efficient appliances

Kitchen upgrades are a popular task among homeowners, as appliances can look outdated and even break down over time. When you're looking at appliances, look for appliances with an energy rating between an A (the best rating) to a C (still a good rating, but not the best). Energy efficient appliances include the usual kitchen items like dishwashers, ranges, and refrigerators to things like the HVAC system, light fixtures, and boilers among other things. 

5. Go solar!

If you're looking for a way to save even more on energy costs while adding value of your home, solar panels are a great option. Keep in mind that solar panels aren't going to be cheap, considering the cost could be anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 - not including installation. But with that said, you'll save money in energy costs and you could even recoup some of the cost of installing solar panels when you sell. 

Whether you're trying to save the environment or save some cash, these eco-friendly reno ideas will surely do the trick!

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