Coco Loko: ‘Snortable’ Chocolate Now Available In The US

First Posted: Jul 06, 2017 04:52 AM EDT

A new kind of chocolate gives new meaning to chocolate addiction. Coco Loko, a product that is now available in the United States, is a raw cacao product that gives its consumers "a steady rush of euphoric energy and motivation," admittedly for party-goers who wanted to dance their nights away.

According to The Washington Post, Nick Anderson, the founder of company Legal Lean, said that the high can last from 30 minutes to an hour. It is also said to have an energy-drink like feeling, causing its consumers to feel euphoric but motivated to get things done.

However, the snortable chocolate has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and many expressed concerns regarding the product. One of these is Toby Steele, an ENT from California who told ABC10 that he would not advise his patients to use the product. He said that his biggest concern is that people do not know yet what it could do to the nose and is afraid that loss of smell could be a side effect.

The trend, however, is not new. Anderson said that the idea actually came from Europe. He was doubtful of the product until he tried it himself. This led him to invest $10,000 into creating his own version. It took about two months to come up with a mixture that does not burn too much or has just enough stimulants to work.

While medical practitioners are still cautious of the products, Dr. Andrew Lane, the director of The Johns Hopkins Sinus Center said that he is not very worried about the snortable chocolate becoming a gateway drug. "If you're going to do drugs, you probably don't start with chocolate. Certainly this is better than using an illicit drug," he shared.

For those who want to try Coco Loko, the snortable chocolate is now made available in the U.S. Each 1.25-ounce tin lasts about 10 servings and sells online for $24.99.

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