Massive Lightning Storm In England

First Posted: Jun 02, 2017 05:00 AM EDT

Southern England had been hit by a horrifying lightning storm last Sunday with more than 120,000 lightning strikes that were recorded in 12 hours. Rabbis from Jerusalem said that this could signify the coming of the end-of-days as the phenomenon fulfills Job's prophecy written in the Bible.

More than 500 lightning bolts flashed in the sky every minute. Tourists have been forced to abandon their holidays across the country because of the extreme and dangerous storm that hit the nation. It is reported as well that some houses were struck by dramatic lightning in Kent. The TV and phone signals were also lost as the storm struck before 1 a.m., according to Weather Channel.

Dr. Michael de Villiers, the senior meteorologist at the Weather Channel, stated that though the huge storm would end, there was still the chance of the odd rumble of thunder as it edged north. He further said that the low pressure will move north accompanied by cloudy to the overcast sky with light to moderate rain. He added that it will be drier in the south with sunny spells, yet there may still be thundery showers.

Meanwhile, Rabbi Yosef Berger, the rabbi of King David's Tomb on Mount Zion, stated that the lightning figures mentioned in the Bible are an accompaniment to the Messiah. He emphasized the Book of Job, Chapter 37:3, that says, "He sendeth it forth under the whole heaven and His lightning unto the ends of the Earth."

Rabbi Berger explained that thunderbolts will be sent out from the heavens before Messiah and identified the lightning in England as the aspect of redemption. He further explained that the name "England" means "the edge or angle of the earth," as noted by Breaking Israel News.

He added that lightning has a divine role, which is pointed out in the Bible. In Psalm 97:10, it is written that His lightning lit up the world and the Earth saw and trembled. The rabbi said that lightning reveals the truth in the end of days. On the other hand, for those who are working against God, lightning will be a means of punishment, warned Rabbi Berger.

Rabbi Berger concluded that the message of the lightning was sent not only to the Jews but also to all peoples. He further said that this is a global warning and not just to Israel. "Whoever recognizes God's rule, will be part of the geula or redemption and will be gathered in from the far corners."

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