New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leak Shows Dual-Camera Setup; Company Makes Impressive Battery For 4K Display?

First Posted: May 25, 2017 05:49 AM EDT

A lot of fans are still surprised after Samsung announced the confirmation of the Galaxy Note 8 after its predecessor dragged the company's reputation down. Some people still think that it is a bad move for Samsung to continue launching devices that has the "Galaxy Note" brand name. But the company claims that the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 would be totally safe and it would have better features compared to the Galaxy S8.

According to Tech Radar, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might be the most powerful smartphone that the company will make. The most impressive technology that is available at present is expected in the Galaxy Note 8, and it also needs a 4K screen to beat other companies' flagship phones. Some people say that the 4K screen is not really necessary on a smartphone, but having it is not going to make that much difference on a small screen.

Of course, packing a 4K screen on a smartphone would be difficult. The company should consider different factors especially its battery capacity. If ever the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would sport a 4K screen resolution, it should also have the top-of-the-line battery to support it, because 4K display on smartphones need huge amount of battery life to drive its extra pixels.

As per, there is an unofficial 3D printed model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 spreading online. The 3D printed mock-up shows that it will have dual primary camera. The camera is expected to sport 12MP wide angle lens. This will support dual photodiode to absorb more light for better low-light shots.

The other lens will be 13MP telephoto that is capable of a 3X zoom. A LED flash is also located just underneath the dual-lens setup. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is also expected to have a fingerprint scanner that will be located underneath its screen.

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