The Existence Of 'Blackbody Force' Could Be Stronger Than Gravity For Minute Particles

First Posted: May 25, 2017 04:40 AM EDT

Physicists have discovered the existence of a strange force known as the "blackbody force." It comes from the blackbodies, which are objects that attract all incoming lights and could look black at room temperature. This blackbody force is found to be stronger than blackbody radiation and even stronger than gravity for very small particles.

The findings of the discovery were published in Europhysics Letters. The study was led by Celio Muniz from Ceará State University in Brazil and other physicists from Federal University of Ceará, Brazil. The discovery could affect how one model the development of stars and planets. It could also help in identifying a theoretical form of radiation that permits black holes to fade away, according to Science Alert.

Muniz said that they think the intensification of the blackbody force due to the ultra-dense sources can influence in a detectable way the phenomena related to them. These include the emission of very energetic particles and the development of accretion disc surrounding black holes.

The blackbody force was discovered in the 2013 study led by Austrian physicists. This study showed that the blackbody force ascends once the heat that was attracted by a blackbody triggers the blackbody to release electromagnetic waves that move the atomic energy levels of neighboring molecules and atoms. With the shifting, the atoms and molecules are attracted to the blackbodies because of the extreme radiation intensity and pull them together.

Meanwhile, in the new study, it indicates how the topology and the local curvature of the spacetime affect their blackbody forces. Their ultradense spherical blackbodies, which are like a neutron star, produce a powerful blackbody force because other curvature in contrast to blackbodies in flat spacetime.

This occurred due to the gravity that changes the temperature of the blackbody and the solid angle, in which the neighboring atoms and molecules see the blackbody. The discovery of the geometrical and topological impacts on the blackbody force could aid in exposing the role this strange force on objects in the universe, according to

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