Hunter Trampled To Death By An Elephant

First Posted: May 23, 2017 05:54 AM EDT

A professional hunter was flattened by an elephant that collapsed on him after it was shot by another hunter in his group. Theunis Botha from Tzaneen, 51, died on Friday afternoon in Gwai, Zimbabwe.

A witness said that he saw a group of hunters on Friday afternoon. They saw a breeding herd of elephants and the three elephant cows raged the hunters. Botha shot at them. Meanwhile, a fourth cow raged them from the side and one of the hunters shot it after it lifted Botha with its trunk. The elephant collapsed and fell on Botha and crushed him to death by its weight, according to News 24.

Simukai Nyasha, a Zimparks acting spokesman, said that Mr. Botha got trapped in the middle of a breeding herd of elephants with many calves. Then, he was trampled to death, as noted by

Mr. Botha was a professional hunting pioneer. He also hunted leopards with his big game hounds. He was a well-known hunter in Zimbabwe and often recruited wealthy Americans for hunting in Southern Africa.

Meanwhile, Scott van Zyl, who was killed by crocodiles in Zimbabwe last April, was a good friend of Mr. Botha's. He was hunting at the Chikwaraka camp in Zimbabwe and then disappeared on April 7. In the investigation, two crocodiles were shot and showed that the samples taken from the crocodiles' stomach matched those of Mr. Van Zyl.

Hunting wild animals could be indeed dangerous. It is recommended that you think many times if you want to go to wilder places and hunt for wild animals. 

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