OnePlus In Partnership With DxO Focuses To Enhace Camera; OnePlus 5 Might Not Have 3.5 mm Headphone Jack; OnePlus Follows Apple’s Lead?

First Posted: May 19, 2017 05:00 AM EDT

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is expected to make huge changes with its flagship phone this year. A lot of people have been patiently waiting for the OnePlus 5 because it will surely sport some impressive features and it comes with a very affordable price. Recent reports claim that the OnePlus 5 might sport some of Apple's or Samsung's latest features.

According to BGR, the OnePlus 5 might have iPhone's iconic feature. Leaks of the next-gen OnePlus smartphone show that it might bring dual-lens rear camera. The flash setup of the OnePlus 5 is located between the two lenses rather than below them. The recent leaks also show that the bottom part of the device does not have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, just like what Apple did to the iPhone 7.

Fans might get a bit disappointed if the OnePlus 5 will not get a headphone jack because their headphones would be totally useless with the device. Apple made a lot of criticisms after removing the headphone jack of the latest iPhone and it seems like OnePlus will be following this trend.

As per CNET, OnePlus will be focusing in improving the camera of its flagship phone. The company recently announced that it is having a partnership with photography experts DxO to enhance the OnePlus 5 camera.

This is not the first time that DxO has attempted to bring its expertise to smartphones. Way back in 2015, DxO already launched an attachable phone peripheral that added a whole host of post-processing improvements to user's photos. This feature is called DxO One.

With the help of DxO, the company is confident that the OnePlus 5 will be capable of taking crystal clear photos. According to DxO rating system, the HTC U11 is currently the world's best camera phone and DxO scored it as 90. Hopefully, OnePlus 5 can beat HTC's record soon.

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