Volkswagen To Launch Quantum Computing-Based Traffic Optimization Systems In China

First Posted: May 08, 2017 05:10 AM EDT

Quantum computing is one of the most advanced applications of quantum physics. According to most physicists, the advent of such quantum computers will help in the development of high-speed and multitasking computing systems that can accomplish extremely complicated calculations in a fraction of seconds. Hence, researchers across the world are busy studying the principles of quantum computing, including major computer software companies like IBM and D-Wave.

According to The Australian, Volkswagen has developed a quantum computing-based traffic optimization system. The system is the outcome of a $15 million project run by Volkswagen that was based on the application of the "over the cloud D-Wave quantum computer."

The data scientists working on the project made use of the in-house GPS data of around 10,000 taxis from Beijing. This is to simulate a model that can help car drivers to easily identify the shortest route to travel from downtown Beijing to the nearest airport situated around 36 kilometers away (without getting stuck in traffic jams). It is speculated that upscaling of the technology will help in the development of better traffic monitoring systems that will help in maintaining smooth flow of traffic in Beijing and other cities of China as well.

The impeccable speed of quantum computers is attributed to their ability to store information in the form of quantum bits or "qubits" as opposed to the conventionally used binary system of zeroes and ones. The same principle was exploited by a group of scientists from China to develop a high-performance quantum computing system that functions 24,000 times faster than the most powerful supercomputer available as of today, Wall Street Pit reported.

On the flip side, increased application of quantum computing may also help cyber hackers infiltrate most adept cyber security protocols, TrendinTech reported. This is attributed to the fact that quantum computers possess the ability to pass the encryption codes without getting detected. Furthermore, due to the possible role of quantum computers in studying sub-atomic particles and, hence, the development of nuclear weapons, it is believed that the country that manages to develop these computers first will definitely gain advantage over others.

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