Google Pixel 2 To Come With Top-Notch Specs; Handset Likely To Get Announced This Month

First Posted: May 06, 2017 06:06 AM EDT

After the success of Google Pixel smartphone, expectations from the second generation Pixel phone, possibly dubbed as Google Pixel 2, in terms of specs and features have increased manifolds. In fact, people are expecting that the upcoming Pixel smartphone will give tough competition to the current best Android smartphone, the Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Apple's highly awaited 10th anniversary special iPhone 8.

According to The Christian Post, Google might roll out three Pixel 2 variants this year. Although the search giant has not officially confirmed whether or not it will release three variants, Slash Gear recently uncovered code commits from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) that prove that Pixel 2 is already in the making. Google Pixel 2 appeared with the codename Walleye, Pixel 2 XL with the codename Muskie and the third highly rumored Pixel 2 XXL variant as Taimen.

It is to be noted that the codenames for Google Pixel and Pixel XL were Sailfish and Marlin, respectively, both named after fish names. Interestingly, the codenames Walleye, Muskie and Taimen are also named after fish. In fact, a senior software engineer at Google, David Zeuthen, has also mentioned about a real device in another set of Android Code Commit. He noted that he "Finally got around to manually testing this on a walleye device."

Talking about Google Pixel 2, it is expected that the handset will get top of the line specs and features including the Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 835 processor, same as rival Samsung Galaxy S8. Google Pixel users complained about the handset being less water-resistant as compared to its competitors. It is expected that the next generation Pixel phone will come with hefty dust and water resistance features. As far as Google Pixel 2 pricing is concerned, it is highly likely that a smartphone with top-notch specs will not come as cheap.

Google is expected to announce some details about the Google Pixel 2 smartphone at its Google I/O developer conference that will start on May 17, Wednesday.

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