Samsung Galaxy Note 8 News & Update: Dual-Lens Camera And 4K Resolution Display Not Impossible; S Pen Stylus And More Features Revealed!

First Posted: May 06, 2017 05:10 AM EDT

Samsung recently confirmed that it is going to launch the Galaxy Note 8 soon. The Galaxy Note 8 is the successor of the fire-prone Note 7. Avid supporters of Samsung claim that using the brand name "Galaxy Note" is a bad idea for the company. A lot of people still remember the issue with the Galaxy Note 7, and it might affect the sales of its successor.

According to a BGR report, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might be available in stores by the second half of the year. The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to have the same design as the Galaxy S8. But the Note 8 might feature a bigger infinity display, and it will also come with an S Pen. Samsung needs to add more impressive features in the Galaxy Note 8 to convince buyers that it is a better choice than the Galaxy S8.

Report claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might also feature a dual-lens camera just like what Apple's iPhone 7 is using. Fans can also expect that the company might have found a way to integrate the fingerprint sensor under the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It would be so annoying if its fingerprint sensor would be located on the back.

According to Value Walk, Samsung Galaxy Note 8's S Pen stylus slot will be located at the bottom of the device. The new and improved S Pen stylus can read more than 4,096 different levels of pressure. The rumored 4K resolution display might also be available on the upcoming phone.

Samsung has been associated with screen technology over the past few years. The South Korean multinational conglomerate also became the largest seller of television sets worldwide. It would take just a few tweaks to make the 4K resolution display available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The company might also improve the Bixby AI assistant for the Note 8.

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