Microsoft’s New Surface Laptop Is A Serious Contender In PC Industry; Surface Arc Mouse Launched Alongside

First Posted: May 04, 2017 05:48 AM EDT

Microsoft recently revealed its classy and elegant Surface Laptop at the New York City event last Tuesday. Microsoft also announced that its team is focusing on creating laptops and software to have a prime place in the classroom. In other words, the company simply wants its new creations to focus more on education.

According to a CNET report, Google's ChromeBooks became the top choice for schools. The device also has 20 million student users internationally. But Microsoft's new Surface Laptop is expected to beat ChromeBooks and even Apple's MacBooks. Microsoft is hoping to turn the tides again into its favor.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop is an inexpensive device. It could shake up the market with its $999 price. The Surface Laptop power can also last for 14 hours. It is a few hours better than the MacBook Air. Microsoft's new device is also lighter compared to the MacBook Air. It only weighs 2.76 pounds (1.25 kg).

A few years ago, Microsoft was not well known for creating top-line devices. Yes, the company made some famous products like the Xbox. But until Microsoft launched the Surface Pro and the Surface RT, it became an official mark for the company's entry into the PC business. Its latest Surface Laptop made Microsoft a serious contender in the PC business.

As per PCWorld, Microsoft also launched the Surface Arc mouse alongside with its Surface laptop. Surface Arc mouse is the successor of the Arc Touch mouse, and it can be bought separately for $79.99. Users can turn the Surface Arc mouse into a big touch pad. Users can still use the usual functions of the mouse like right and left clicks. But there is no division between the areas.

Since the mouse is a Surface-branded device, Microsoft is assuring a high build quality and refined design. The Arc mouse can also be flattened easily, perfect for students and other users who are always on the go. The multifunction Surface Arc mouse is a perfect partner for the Microsoft Surface Laptop.

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