T-Mobile Plans To Launch 5G Network In 2019

First Posted: May 03, 2017 04:58 AM EDT

It seems like T-Mobile is not just going to sit by the wayside while its rivals are planning for 5G networks. T-Mobile is one of the world's largest mobile communications company. The company is the third-largest U.S. mobile communications carrier, and it is planning to launch a 5G network in the United States starting in 2019.

According to MacRumors, T-Mobile is planning to roll-out the 5G network in 2020 for a full nationwide coverage. Report claims that the company will be using its newly acquired 600 MHz low-band spectrum to make 5G coverage available from coast to coast. The 5G networks will bring faster data speeds with lower latency on smartphones and other cellular devices.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere recently announced that their rivals AT&T and Verizon networks are losing speed and they are also losing costumers. So AT&T and Verizon are pretending to launch its own 5G network soon. But John Legere does not believe that their rivals are capable of doing such a thing.

According to a CNET report, the 5G network runs on a more efficient technology that will allow it to manage an increasing need for video streaming services, mobile gaming and Instagram posts. Once T-Mobile 5G networks gain momentum, other current LTE bands would surely repurposed into 5G signal.

T-Mobile ultimately plans to combine a variation of spectrum bands for its 5G network service. The mobile communications carrier owns millimeter wave band rights covering 100 million potential users. T-Mobile covers huge cities like Miami, Los Angeles and New York. The 600 MHz low-band spectrum will be used to add capacity to T-Mobile's 5G network in dense urban places.

More than anything else, T-Mobile's announcement for 5G network serves as a goal post. People can expect some form of nationwide 5G internet speed that would be available within three years. The big question is, will all major networks be ready in a similar time frame?

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