Microsoft Surface Phone News & Update: Company Halts Production Of Windows Phone; New Design Shows Fusion Camera That Creates Hololens, 3D-Models

First Posted: May 02, 2017 05:20 AM EDT

Fans and tech enthusiasts are very eager to know Microsoft's next plan for its upcoming smartphone. The Surface Phone has been a subject of many speculations and rumors lately. Recent reports claim that the device might be getting launched in late 2017. The Microsoft Surface Phone might also run on Windows 10 Redstone 3 operating system.

According to a Forbes report, Microsoft is no longer interested in investing any time or money on Windows Phone because of its low revenue. This is also one of the main reasons why the company might stop any production of Windows Phone in the future. Microsoft is also hoping that the new brand name Surface Phone can rival other smartphone giants like Apple and Samsung.

A designer named Casmir Valeri recently posted a concept design that shows what a Microsoft Surface Phone might look like. As per Windows Central, the concept does not include the rumored multi-screen form of the device.

The Microsoft Surface Phone might include USB-C ports with boosted battery life capacity. Casmir Valeri's design also shows a Surface Phone that has a friction hinge that can allow users landscape viewing and tent mode. The most anticipated 3D-scanning feature is also embedded into the phones camera.

Casmir Valeri's design of the Surface Phone also supports Continuum, allowing the device to power a desktop experience. Users can also turn the Surface Phone into a trackpad with a friendly user interface. Users can also utilize a Surface Pen to easily take notes using it.

Casmir Valeri's design for the Surface Phone also shows that there will be a Fusion Camera feature and laser-tracking tech that is capable of mapping objects. The Fusion Camera can also create Hololens, augmented reality experiences and 3D models. As of now, Microsoft has not confirmed or commented on any of the leaks and rumored designs. But the Surface Phone's impressive specs and features can surely rival top companies like Samsung and Apple.

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