HTC’s Next Flagship Phone Will Be Squeezable; HTC ‘U’ Grip Sensing Technology Will Be Unveiled On May 16

First Posted: Apr 21, 2017 06:13 AM EDT

For several years, the HTC company is well known to make solid smartphones. HTC's fans are also impressed with its phones that have classy metal chassis, sleek sport software and very better audio quality compared to any other smartphone. Recent reports claim that the upcoming HTC U could bring a huge change in the smartphone industry.

According to a TechCrunch report, the company's HTC U is going to be a squeezable smartphone. This does not mean that the upcoming flagship phone of the company will be made of rubber. The HTC U might have the phone's metal case but its sensor will be embedded in it.

The embedded sensors in the HTC U might enable its users to control some of its settings and make gestures by simply squeezing the device or by swiping up and down on it. It also means that the HTC U controls will no longer be limited to its display screen.

HTC's official Twitter account posted a teaser for the smartphone that is captioned "Squeeze for the Brilliant U.  05.16.2017." Fans can expect that the HTC U is going to be unveiled this coming May 16, 2017. According to 9To5google, the company also used the codename "Ocean" for the HTC U.

The HTC U is expected to have a shiny glass and metal design. The smartphone screen size might be 5.5 inches, but the rumored secondary display might not be available. The device might also have a Snapdragon 835 system on chip. The HTC U will also have a 4GB or 6GB of RAM option.

There will be either a 64GB or 128GB of storage variant. The HTC U will also come with long-lasting 3,000 mAh battery. It will be have a 12MP rear shooter and a 16MP camera on the front. It is perfect for user who love taking pictures. However, the company might remove the headphone jack from its flagship phone.

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