'Genius': The Albert Einstein Biography; National Geographic’s First Ever Scripted Series

First Posted: Apr 21, 2017 05:00 AM EDT

Which scientist's name has over the years become synonymous with the word "genius"? Yes, it is indeed Albert Einstein's. It is hard to imagine someone who has not heard about him.

Einstein's theory of relativity revolutionized mankind's understanding of physics and science. The theory of relativity became the standing reference for the conceptualization and validation of most of the subsequently proposed physical theories and the technological inventions that were based on them.

After almost a decade of strenuous research and analysis, Einstein proposed his general theory of relativity in 1916. The theory provided an explanation to the causes and effects of gravitational waves and their correlation with the space-time curvature. The subsequent proposition of the theory of special relativity not only validated Newton's laws of motion but it also explained the existence of space wormholes, Gizmodo reported.

Einstein's theories also formed the basis of the advent of many present day technological innovations, say GPS for example. The GPS serves to provide the most accurate position of an individual or device by communicating with the numerous satellites that are presently orbiting in space. It is a boon for all kinds of navigations systems, starting from Uber Cabs to airplanes.

The functioning of devices like GPS depends on several complicated calculations that incorporate physical constants such as the speed of light. The GPS and the satellites work in tandem to calculate the relative geographical location of the device. Application of the basic concepts of light, gravity and laws of motion, which were explained by Albert Einstein, ensures that the GPS works with impeccable accuracy, IndiaTimes reported.

In an effort to showcase the importance of Einstein's contribution to physics, National Geographic is launching a 10-part scripted series that portrays the life of Albert Einstein. While Johnny Flynn will be playing the part of young Einstein, the role of Einstein in his later years will be played by Oscar winning actor Geoffrey Rush. Other distinguished cast members of the series include Emily Watson and Elsa Einstein, The New York Times reported.

Most people know Albert Einstein as the genius scientist that he was, but National Geographic's Genius series will also show the other side of him. It will also showcase his struggle and victory over anti-Semitism.

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