Instagram Android App Now Accessible Without Internet Connection; Offline Mode For iOS Soon To Come

First Posted: Apr 20, 2017 06:05 AM EDT

The mobile photo sharing application, Instagram, is probably one of the frequently used apps today. Users need internet connection to enjoy and use the app. But recent reports claim that the popular Instagram app now has an offline mode and it works without an internet connection.

According to an Engadget report, Facebook announced at its F8 developer conference that the Android version of Instagram is getting offline features. The use of its offline features on its Android application is to allow the users to utilize the service without an internet connection. The same feature might make its way to iOS devices soon.

One of the main reasons for Instagram's offline mode is for users in developing countries, where the mobile internet access is very limited. Also, it is also for users who may want to download the app contents first while on a WiFi hotspot before venturing out beyond it.

The Instagram offline mode also caches previously loaded comments and posts, but the users cannot interact with them without having an internet connection. Instagram is also planning to make more of its features available offline soon, which could make it a bigger hit in places with limited internet connection.

According to The Verge, the Instagram offline mode goes beyond just saving drafts or queuing up photos at the top of its feed. With the offline mode, users can also like, comment, follow or unfollow a certain user or photo without using any internet connection. The next time the Android device gets an internet access, Instagram will go through its history and complete all of the actions made without data.

The Instagram is not the first application to offer offline functions for users with limited internet access. The Facebook application also includes its own offline support that allows users to draft posts while offline. The video sharing application, YouTube, also made its move on users with slow internet. With YouTube Go on Android in India, users are allowed to save videos for offline viewing.

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