Alphabet Smartwatch Better Than Any Smartwatch Today; Device Is Intended For Health Development And Not For Sale

First Posted: Apr 15, 2017 05:10 AM EDT

The Google's parent company, Alphabet's "Verily Life Sciences" or commonly known as Google Life Sciences branch, is expected to launch a new stylish smartwatch. The Alphabet smartwatch might sport advance health tracking features. Recent reports claim that the smartwatch is an investigational device and is not available for sale.

According to The Verge report, Alphabet Inc. named its recent project "Verily Study Watch." The smartwatch has a simple, sleek and elegant look. It also has a multiple environmental and physiological sensors. The sensors are designed to measure elements for studies spanning cardiovascular, movement disorders and other health areas that would really help the user.

The Alphabet smartwatch will have low power consumption. It will also have a paper-like display. According to CNET, the Alphabet smartwatch's battery life will last a week. The user's health is also encrypted on the device.

The data can be easily processed through the company's cloud service using algorithms and machine learning. With these features, users can easily maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Alphabet's Study Watch will also feature a simple circular e-ink display that only shows the date and time

The Alphabet smartwatch will look like just any other normal watch. The smartwatch is also intended to record the user's health data for medical research studies. The Alphabet smartwatch can also measure heart rate, inertial movements and electrodermal activity.

Alphabet Inc. is hoping that the upcoming smartwatch will be used to gather data as part of the Personalized Parkinson's Project. The Parkinson's Project studies the progression of several diseases as well as the Baseline study. The project also explores how a certain person's body is affected by a disease over time.

The Personalized Parkinson's Project also examines 10,000 participants over five years to fully understand the transition from health to disease. The Alphabet smartwatch will surely help the medical technology today.

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