Mac Pro New Concept, Expansion Slots Pros Would Surely Want; Impressive Specs Might Cause Delay But Truly Worth The Wait

First Posted: Apr 13, 2017 05:43 AM EDT

The new Mac Pro is probably one of the most anticipated devices to arrive this year. But recent reports claim that the new Mac Pro will have a huge expansion compared to its previous model. Because of its impressive specs, Mac users might just have to wait until 2018 for a glimpse at the new Mac Pro.

According to The Verge report, Apple is already working on the new Mac Pro. Report says that the device will also have a new concept that is truly worth the wait. A German website, Curved, created a concept for the Mac Pro that shows how Apple could possibly add some modular features.

The new modular features will allow professionals to customize almost every component of the Mac Pro. Professional Mac users will surely love the Mac Pro. Curved even created a concept Cinema Display that packs plenty of expansion ports.

According to Entrepreneur, the original Mac Pro was designed poorly. Because of its poor design, creators were also unable to upgrade its specs for more than three years. Apple essentially swept the product line under the rug. The company also ignored its user base and the tech community that waited patiently for any major updates.

People cannot really blame Apple for ignoring the Mac Pro. It is because the Mac Pro sales are only about 10 percent of the total income of Apple. People cannot also blame Apple, because clearly the company does not have unlimited resources. Apple is also focusing more on its profitable products.

There is no doubt that Apple is a great company. But by ignoring most of its desktop products, the company is only allowing Microsoft to regain more control with better, faster, productive and more impressive equipment running the highly rated Windows 10 operating system. Hopefully, the brand new Mac Pro will lift up Apple's name in the competition of desktops.

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