Hubble Telescope Captures New Close-Up Image Of Jupiter

First Posted: Apr 07, 2017 04:30 AM EDT

NASA/ESA Hubble telescope captured a new image of Jupiter, in which the gas giant is now in opposition this April 2017. This image could help astronomers in studying the changes in the atmosphere of Jupiter as well as other planets including the planet Earth.

Jupiter's opposition will occur on April 7, 2017, in which the Sun, Earth and Jupiter line up and the Earth is sitting between the Sun and Jupiter. It also indicates that Jupiter will be at closest approach to planet Earth with about 670 million kilometers. This could make Jupiter visible in the night sky that will appear brighter within this year, according to

Meanwhile, in the new image of Jupiter, the detailed bands of swirling clouds could be seen. Also, the gas giant planet's famous Great Red Spot is fully visible, accenting the surface of Jupiter. This Great Red Spot referred to as anticyclone is a storm larger than the planet Earth that exists for at least 150 years. Its winds could peak at 400 mph (644 kph), according to NASA.

Another spot similar to the Great Red Spot is the much smaller size spot. This is known as the "Red Spot Junior," which is a much smaller storm than the Great Red Spot. It could also be perceived on the new image.

CNET reports that the Hubble telescope took the spectacular new image of Jupiter on Monday with 415 million miles (668 million kilometers) away from the planet Earth. With its closest approach, the astronomers could get a peak of this gas giant planet at night sky. The scientists could gather and have access to a collection of maps, which could aid them in understanding the atmospheres of the planets including Earth, Jupiter and other planets. 

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