E-Cigarettes' Battery Explosion Cases Cause Fear Among Vaping Pen Users

First Posted: Apr 03, 2017 05:11 AM EDT

E-cigarettes have been in trend for quite some time now. As more and more people tend to use them, they are also risking the chances of fatal explosions because of these vaping pens. Reports are emerging that note of e-cigarettes' battery explosions. A number of cases have come up showing explosion occurring in the lithium-ion batteries due to short circuit in these electronic gadgets.

The cases report of a number of users whose vaping pens exploded while in their pockets for unknown reasons. This caused fatal injuries, leading to third-degree burns on their skin. The accidents were further commented on by Karla Klas, Managing Director of Injury Prevention and Community, saying that such cases of e-cigarettes' batteries exploding are becoming quite frequent now.

Klas was reported having a presentation at the American Burn Association in Boston in March this year, where she talked about the various injuries due to these vaping gadgets. Nonetheless, there has not been a reported case of death due to the e-cigarette batteries exploding, but there have been over 300 recent cases of burns reported due to these electronic devices, Klas noted, as per Detroit Free Press.

However, the vaping supporters contradict to Klas' statement by suggesting that the cases are rare. The supporter further clarified that using vaping products properly will not lead to such cases.

According to Gregory Conley, president of American Vaping Association, the lithium-ion batteries in these electronic cigarettes pose threat as much as other products that use similar batteries. He further added that charging them properly will rarely cause such an accident. He suggested that the risk of e-cigarettes' batteries explosions can be avoided if used properly.

Conley, who supports the use of vaping over traditional cigarettes, stated that the exaggerated reports of e-cigarettes' batteries exploding will only affect people to stop vaping and choosing the deadly habit of traditional smoking again. However, critics suggest that the problem needs to be attended as battery explosions, even if they are rare, are occurring for some reason.

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