Finding Space Photos Now Easier With NASA’s New Image Database

First Posted: Mar 30, 2017 04:23 AM EDT

It is not always easy to find photos of stars, planets or other cosmic bodies, but NASA is making it easier for everyone. On Tuesday, the space agency launched a database that makes its best photos, graphics, videos and even audio files easier to access.

According to Yahoo, the searchable database has over 140,000 assets that are now available, with more to be added on a regular basis. This means that anybody can access photos from outer space, including that of the other planets, moons or even black holes.

The search engine has the typical search bar to type in keywords and terms for those who are looking for something specific. Results can also be refined by specifying the year or type of media is needed. The layout of the results can also come as a list or gallery view that automatically adjusts to the necessary screen size. Other features include a display of the EXIF/camera data, including exposure, lens used as well as other information made available by the original image.

NASA noted that the Image and Video Library's Application Programmers Interface (API) also permits for automated imagery uploads from the agency. Moreover, it provides ability to members of the public to embed the content on their own sites and applications. While not comprehensive, the library is said to provide the best of what the agency does make available from its web presence. As NASA is a living website, new and archival images, video and audio files are expected to be added regularly.

It is also noted that works from the government, by law, cannot be copyrighted. This is why the massive search engine is available in the public domain, making the media files free for use -- from research papers to website images and even image credits. All of these will be available for download in high-res or in smaller web-friendly sizes for blogs and websites.

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