Ancient Royal Palace Dated Thousand Years Ago Unearthed In Mexico

First Posted: Mar 29, 2017 03:40 AM EDT

Archaeologists unearthed remnants of the royal palace, which dated around 2,300 and 2,100 years ago, in southern Mexico. The discovery could be linked to the visibility of organized states in Mesoamerica.

The findings of the discovery were printed in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The research was led by Charles Spencer and Elsa Redmond from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, according to Science News.

The researchers thought that this royal palace complex could have been one of the earliest large centralized governments in America. The well-preserved compound is in El Palenque's plaza in the Oaxaca Valley in Mexico, which measures about 2,790 square meters.

The palace had a living quarter for the ruler and his family, a central staircase connected to an inner courtyard, dining area, business offices and a place for rituals. The palace was designed ahead of time, and it was built in a single construction by lots of organizations. With its size, it signifies that the ruler had a lot of manpower.

The team also uncovered cistern for collecting rainwater in the residential quarter. It also includes a drain, which was carved into stone for fresh water and discharging of waste. They also found human skull fragments, which indicate involvement in ritual sacrifices.

The inner courtyard could be the place for a ruler and his advisors to make decisions and perform feasts. The team also said that the palace has no tombs. The ruler could have been buried in a ritually significant location.

This royal palace was considered the oldest structure in the Valley of Oaxaca. It shows evidence of the existence of an organized state in the region, according to

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