Views On Aliens: Former Astronaut Alan Bean vs Stephen Hawking

First Posted: Mar 27, 2017 03:45 AM EDT

It seems like all those news and rumor updates related to alien invasions are a hoax. Former astronaut Alan Bean, who was one of the 12 to have ever set foot on the Moon, notes that there has never been any kind of interaction with aliens.

According to an interview, Alan Bean stated that he does not think of any extraterrestrial (ET) life form to have ever visited the Earth. While many would contradict his statement, he insisted that civilizations that are advanced are more amicable and supportive in nature -- such as our Earth, which is more likely to be visited by ETs. Bean further noted that if aliens were present, they would have made an appearance and interacted with the people, sharing their inventions and discoveries like a cure for cancer.

Alan Bean's statement has since not been well received by many as his idea of Earth being the most advanced and friendly is still paranoid. According to CNET, the former astronaut is thinking oddly about Earth. The site further questions his thoughts of Earth being the most friendly, altruistic and the most advanced. Moreover, according to it, the idea of peaceful communication between advanced civilizations and that too always is illogical.

According to the world history, there have been many advanced civilizations that have tried conquering other nations, killing people on the way. So, how can technologically advanced people be friendly every time?

According to Stephen Hawking, aliens are not necessarily going to love the people and might be looking for a chance to annihilate our civilization as soon as we communicate with them. He further added that it could be just for fun for the aliens as well.

Contradicting his earlier statement, former astronaut Alan Bean further noted as saying that he believes aliens are there, reported New York Post. With billions of stars and their planets around them, there is a statistical possibility of many planets with life, he said. Whether people have encountered aliens or not, they should note of men's feeble minds that are still learning of the vast universe.

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