Cruise Over The Real Planet Mars On This New Dazzling Video

First Posted: Mar 21, 2017 04:50 AM EDT

HiRISE camera, which is on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, captured around 50,000 images of the planet Mars over the course of 12 years. These images have been converted by a Finish filmmaker into a stunning short video of the Red Planet.

Jan Fröjdman, a landscape photographer and audiovisual expert, spent three months to come up with a 3D film gathered from the available photos that he selected. The data contain information about the topography of the surface of the Red Planet. He added colors by hand to the gray-scale images and set sound effects to add to the impact of maneuvering.

The film features the Martian moon Phobos at the beginning and then highlights the notable plains, buttes, craters and other remarkable landforms. It also includes the appearance of the relapsing slope linae, which triggered the oozing water under the surface of Mars' soil, according to CNET.

Fröjdman recalled how he made the Mars video. He said that the most time-consuming was to select by hand over 33,000 reference points in the anaglyph images. He further said that when he counts how many steps there were in all in the process, they were all seven and needed at least six types of software.

The enthusiastic photographer was amazed on the topographic features of the Red Planet. This drove him to create a video that takes one to cruise over Mars while looking down, watching stunning locations of the planet. He even would like to see photos captured by a landscape photographer on Mars, particularly the polar regions. On the other hand, he said that he might see those images during his lifetime, as noted by Universe Today. 

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