Goggle And Levi's 'Smart Jacket' Is the World's First Garment To Incorporate Technology

First Posted: Mar 15, 2017 05:08 AM EDT

Google and Levi's will launch the new "smart jacket" called the Project Jacquard within this year. The new upgrade jean jacket is incorporated with technology, in which it could interrelate with wearer's smartphones.

The jacket could interact with a smartphone through Bluetooth technology. This is possible with the tiny electronic circuits woven into the fabric. An area on the side of the sleeve is composed of 15 conductive threads to make it touch-sensitive. The woven-in technology could identify and detect simple touch gestures just like a touch screen does.

Ivan Poupyrev, a technical program lead at Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group, said that the tech is becoming a design element like a zipper, so it can be used in many normal ways. He further said that he believes this will be the pioneering commercial product that takes the touch interaction of the screen and sets it on an actual product, as noted by Live Science.

The "smart jacket" could be used to answer incoming calls, change music or get directions. It is battery operated and could last about two days. It is also washable, yet the Bluetooth cuff must not be attached.

Goggle and Levi's stated that the implanted conductive fibers could weave into garments using industrial looms and mills. This means that if the "smart jacket" becomes a trend, it could be mass produced. On the other hand, this is not guaranteed yet because wearables category is challenging to fathom, according to Science Alert.

Meanwhile, the "smart jacket" will cost $350. It will be probably launch later this year. This could make you smart. Be the first to have this cool jacket.

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