A Savage Behavior: Crocodile Violently Stoned To Death At Tunisia Zoo

First Posted: Mar 03, 2017 05:00 AM EST

A group of visitors violently stoned to death a crocodile at a zoo in Tunisia. They threw stones at the animal's head that caused the death of the crocodile.

Amor Ennaifer, a vet at the Belvedere Zoo, said that the reptile died after it was struck on the head by two large rocks on Tuesday. "It's terrible, you cannot imagine what animals endure from some visitors."

She also said that citizens leave waste and plastic bags and they also throw stones at lions and hippos. Even though the zoo had signs and guards, these are not enough, particularly during school holidays. Ennaifer added that there are more than 150 species in the zoos and they cannot put a guard in front of each cage. She urges people to be aware of the need to respect animals, as noted by The Guardian.

The municipality of Tunis posted the gruesome pictures of the attack on Facebook. It denounced the act as a "savage behavior." In the picture, it showed the animal oozing with blood and a big rock beside it. The management of the zoo blamed the zoo visitors for a violent and catastrophic incident.

Meanwhile, Fox News reports that this incident occurred also at the National Zoo in El Salvador. The beloved hippopotamus named Gustavito was attacked with metal bars, knives and rocks, too. Apparently, the hippo died.

These cause controversies on the behavior of zoo visitors as well as the littering around the zoo. Concerned citizens are urging visitors to respect animals as well as their environment. 

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