Private Sexually Transmitted Diseases Diagnosis Booths With Self-Service Set Up In London

First Posted: Mar 03, 2017 04:31 AM EST

Many people refrain from getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) just to avoid the embarrassment that comes with these. Spending hours in waiting to give samples, the awkwardness associated with the questions on "How to take samples," before nervously waiting for a few days for the test results to arrive, and above all the social stigma associated with all of these are responsible for the rising number of cases of undiagnosed and therefore untreated STDs.

In a groundbreaking effort, a clinic in London has made an effort to digitize the whole process. It starts from booking an appointment online to learning how to retrieve samples for testing with the help of guiding videos in a private booth. The self-service facility for diagnosis of STDs has been set up in London under the name "Dean Street Express."

People can choose the tests that they want to take from a menu of different tests. The menu covers major STDs like gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia. Furthermore, people do not have to wait for days to know whether or not they have STD. The new molecular (genetic) technology-based diagnostic test methods can provide accurate results within six hours, which will be directly sent to the person concerned via SMS, Nature reported.

The core technology behind this fast and efficient diagnostic tool was developed by Cepheid, a diagnostic tools company from the U.S. The portable diagnostic kit developed by Cepheid is small in size, portable and employs genetic markers to diagnose the exact infection.

This genetic marker-based diagnostic tool kits are a huge advantage to carry out sensitive screening tests, especially if it is related to something as sensitive as the sex life. Since most people like to keep their medical history in private, especially if it concerns sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy or drug addiction, these self-service diagnostic centers are highly appreciated, Health Canal reported.

The company is planning to set up more of these diagnostic centers in Barcelona, Paris, San Francisco and even Australia. These can provide easy access to people to get themselves tested for sexually transmitted diseases and even HIV.

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