'Ring Of Fire' Solar Eclipse: A Sign Of The End Times?

First Posted: Feb 27, 2017 04:56 AM EST

Doomsayers have warned that Sunday's "Ring of Fire" solar eclipse was more than just a sky spectacle. The remarkable phenomenon reportedly heralds the looming end of the world, cautioning people to get ready for the forthcoming apocalypse.

NDTV reported that people in South Pacific Ocean, South America, Africa and the South Atlantic Ocean have witnessed the stunning "Ring of Fire" solar eclipse on Feb. 26. The first solar eclipse of 2017 occurred when the Moon was directly between the Earth and the Sun, outlining the planet's satellite with its blazing ring-like surface.

While the phenomenon was considered as a spectacular sky event, conspiracy theorists have linked the occurrence to the nearing apocalypse.

Daily Star reported that the website Signs of The End of Times predicted that mankind is already living in the end times. Celestial events like solar eclipses, the four blood moons and meteor showers are believed to be foretelling signs of the return of the Messiah, cautioning people to brace themselves for the Final Judgment.

"If you take into consideration all the signs, there is no mistaking that our generation is living in the last days, nearing the second coming of Jesus," the website stated. It added that the signs are strong and the evidence is clear that any person who accepts the truth regarding the end times can see that the end of the world is indeed near.

According to Comic Book, the website points God's archenemy, Satan, to be initiating the widespread of deception regarding the second coming dates. As false dates come and go, people are said to be turning away from the truth, which Christians believe is the unsought path to eternal doom.

Although the website does not reveal the exact date of Christ's second coming, it does give emphasis to the "scientific fact" that the world is "dying."

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