The Mesmerizing Hole At Lake Berryessa Becomes A Popular Sight-Seeing Spot

First Posted: Feb 27, 2017 03:20 AM EST

The locals are mesmerized on the mysterious hole in Lake Berryessa, situated in Napa County, California. It becomes a popular sight-seeing spot of the Californians at these times.

The mysterious hole looks like an amazing whirlpool or a possible entry to hell. On the other hand, besides these horrifying and creepy descriptions is that the hole serves as drain, also referred to as spillway to Monticello Dam in Napan Valley in California. The water travels deep down the spillway horizontally about 2,000 feet before draining into nearby Putah Creek.

After 10 years, the water flowed exceedingly at Lake Beryessa this January and February. The spillway at the lake drained the excessive waters. This prevents flooding in the area, according to New York Times.

Kevin King, the water and power operations manager at Solano Irrigation District, said that as the water in the sink rises, it drains through that hole. On the other hand, when it is less full, the water is stagnant.

The 72-foot wide concrete funnel captures the residents. They were taking photos and images of it since Friday. King said that he went up there the other day and there were about 15 drones flying around and people taking videos. He further said that it is truly dramatic to watch it.

National Geographic reports that the Monticello Dam is created in the 1940s to supply water for irrigation and drinking. The dam is serving about 600,000 people in the area. It can also store 526 billion gallons of water. On the other hand, excess waters must be drained. This is the reason why the spillway is built by the engineers to prevent flooding.

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