Global Warming: Warmer Temperature Cuts off An Iceberg In Antarctica With A Size Of Manhattan

First Posted: Feb 21, 2017 04:13 AM EST

Global warming makes its presence known again. It damages a giant iceberg to be broken away from a glacier in Antarctica. The iceberg with the size of Manhattan is said to be broken because of the rising temperature.

The experts said that the large chunk of ice was cut off because of the surrounding water continent has gotten warmer. Thus, climate change and the warming of the ocean are being blamed globally for the snapped off and the melting of the world's ice, according to Mirror.

NASA has released the images via satellite. They revealed the section at the Pine Island Glaciers that measures more or less a mile long that has been separated from the West Antarctica Ice Sheet at the end of last month.

As follows, Sky News reported that it is the first time that a major iceberg has separated off the glacier since the one in July 2015, when the 225 square miles floated away from the glacier. Furthermore, the recent iceberg is 10 times smaller than the ones in 2015.

Meanwhile, the glaciologist from Ohio State University, Ian Howat, said that, "I think this event is the calving equivalent of an 'aftershock' following the much bigger event. Apparently, there are weaknesses in the ice shelf - just inland of the rift that caused the 2015 calving - that are resulting in these smaller breaks."

However, he mentioned that the "rapid fire" calving is quite unusual for the particular glacier. Thus, Mr. Howat said that the phenomenon "fits into the larger picture of basal crevasses in the center of the ice shelf being eroded by warm ocean water, causing the ice shelf to break from the inside out."

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