Netherlands Electric Trains Are All Empowered By Wind Energy

First Posted: Jan 27, 2017 02:40 AM EST

All the electric passenger trains in the Netherlands are 100 percent empowered by wind energy, according to the Netherlands' national railway company, NS. The company has reached its goal earlier as it planned actually ahead of its 2018 goal.

Ton Boon, NS spokesman, said that since Jan. 1, 100 percent of their trains are running on wind energy. He also credited the achievement of their goal earlier to an increasing number of wind farms across the country and off the coast of the Netherlands. 

NS collaborates with Dutch electricity company Eneco. In its website, it stated that around 600,000 passengers every day are now traveling thanks to wind energy.

It also stated that one windmill running for an hour can power a train for around 200 km (120 miles). The companies hope to lessen the use of energy per passenger by a further 35 percent by 2020. NS manages about 5,500 train trips every day, according to The Guardian.

Meanwhile, Eneco account manager Michel Kerkhof said that mobility is responsible for 20 percent of CO2 emissions in the Netherlands, and if they want to keep traveling, it is important that they do this without burdening the environment with CO2 and particulate matter. He further said that this contract offers all Dutch citizens the option to make a climate neutral trip, regardless of distance, as noted by Science Alert.

This type of renewable energy is preventing the planet Earth to heat up. It generates power capacity that the fossil fuels, which is environmental friendly not only across the nation but also to the entire world. Many countries today are building wind farms to battle global warming and contribute to the betterment of the environment, thanks to these countries such as the Netherlands and United States, among others. 

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