Volcanic Eruption Happened Again! This Time It Is In Mexico (Video)

First Posted: Jan 26, 2017 04:32 AM EST

A volcanic eruption took place near Mexico City.

The Irish Mirror reported that a massive volcanic eruption happened near Mexico City. The volcano blasted a huge cloud of ash which estimated to be a mile high.

The Colima Volcano is situated in the southeast of the Mexican capital. The images and footage of the eruption spread online.

However, there is no confirmation yet at present whether an evacuation is underway. But, the scale of the blast that happened suggested that it may be needed, according to Daily Star.

Thus, people who live near the volcano has already been warned to stay inside and, for the meantime, to avoid driving.

The volcano is near the west coast of Mexico and at the border between the states of Colima and Jalisco. It is also one of the 14 volcanoes in Mexico that has been classified to be active. Around the country, there are more or less 3,000 volcanoes spreading in total.

Meanwhile, it has also been previously reported that a volcano in Alaska erupted. The explosion of Bogoslof Volcano happened on Wednesday at 1:20 p.m. The Alaska Volcano Observatory says that it had already recorded about 20 explosions.

The ash is not the highest that the volcano had produced during its eruption. As it is, some of the previous ash clouds measure up to 35,000 feet. Thus, the differences could happen due to the atmospheric conditions than the explosion itself.

The ash clouds do pose some threats to the nearby boats and air traffic. But the wind forecast revealed that the fallout is unlikely not to affect the Dutch Harbor and Unalaska. Dave Schneider added that, "So far we've been lucky. The clouds have been moving the ash mostly into the Bering Sea, not Unalaska or Dutch Harbor."

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