Gladiator Treasures From Rome To Arrive In Queensland

First Posted: Jan 23, 2017 03:15 AM EST

Ancient fighters, from knights to samurais, are larger than life. But none of them have ever been more clamored than gladiators -- the Roman elites whose names and stories are as intriguing to people then, and even more so, now.

And so, excitement lands on Queensland as an exhibit of over a hundred gladiatorial objects dock to Queensland. The exhibit, which is already three years in the making, brings forward the ancient Roman artifacts from centuries ago, including weapons and armors, which will be displayed in the Queensland museum come June.

Brisbane Times reported that the museum's chief executive and director Suzanne Miller said that the objects, which were collected from museums all across Italy, have never, in fact, left the country before. Describing the loot for display, Miller shared, "We've got some beautiful sculptural pieces from the Colosseum, we've got gladiatorial objects - helmets, swords, pieces of clothing - even the sorts of things that they might have used everyday, as well as the sorts of things people would use when they went to the Colosseum,"

Ridley Scott's 2000 film, Gladiator, has renewed the globe's interest on these ancient warriors, and the Queensland Museum is taking a page out of his book as it launches a show with a "flight demo" brought to the audience from the local historical reenactment group, according to The Courier Mail. However, it has been noted that the world of combat would have to be suitable for families, and therefore ensuring that nobody would get hurt by using helmets and non-steel swords.

"This will be the first time many of these artefacts have been displayed in Australia and will give visitors to the Queensland Museum a unique opportunity to view more than 120 objects up close." Miller also noted that visitors can brush up on their accent and Gladiator history by installing interactive games and displays of historical armor. Tickets are said to be between $12 and $18 a piece and are now on sale.

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