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The Sun Stood Still: Scientists May Have Found An Explanation To The Phenomenal Biblical Event

First Posted: Jan 20, 2017 04:30 AM EST

Researchers in Israel claim that they have found an explanation to the Biblical story of the Sun standing still during the battle of the Israelites in Gibeon.

The Times of Israel reported that scientists at Beersheba's Ben Gurion University identified the date of the astonishing event in the 10th chapter of the Book of Joshua as Oct. 30, 1207 BCE. This was the time when Joshua asked God to prevent the Sun from coming down as they waged battle and defeated five kingdoms in Gibeon, located in the north of Jerusalem.

"Sun, stand still at Gibeon, and moon, in the Valley of Aijalon. And the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, until the nation took vengeance on their enemies," the Bible states. "The sun stopped in the midst of heaven and did not hurry to set for about a whole day."

Basing on the Moon's participation in the passage, the researchers led by Dr. Hezi Yitzhak hypothesized that this happened during the only total solar eclipse that occurred in the land within 1500-1000 BCE. They determined that the war precisely happened at 4:28 p.m. on Oct. 30, 1207 BCE.

According to Time and Date, the total solar eclipse occurs when the New Moon gets in between the Sun and Earth. This causes total darkness, which is the opposite of what was chronicled in the Scripture.

The researchers reportedly interpreted that the Hebrew word "dom" as "become dark" instead of what it traditionally meant as "stand still."

While scientists have been using physics to give explanations to the miracles recorded in the Bible for centuries, Yitzhak admits it could be "interpreted as if you are rationalizing your faith."

However, as explained by the man of science and Bible student, Isaac Newton himself, scientific inquiries should not be separated from the "Maker."

"This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being," Newton explained. "This Being governs all things, not as the soul of the world, but as Lord over all; and on account of his dominion he is wont to be called Lord God "pantokrator," or Universal Ruler."

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