A New Bright Star That Could Appear In The Sky Signifies Balaam's Prophecy Of The Arrival Of The Messiah

First Posted: Jan 11, 2017 03:00 AM EST

Scientists forecast a cosmic explosion, in which two stars about 1,800 lightyears away from planet Earth will collide and reveal a new bright star some time in 2022. The emergence of this bright star is specifically the celestial phenomenon that will accompany the coming of the Messiah, according to the Jewish esoteric sources.

Science Alert reports that this temporary star will be perceived for two or three years. The scientists said that this is a "one-in-a-million chance" of being able to forecast a new star before it will become visible.

The study was led by astronomer Larry Molnar and his team at Calvin College in Michigan. They examined the binary star known as KIC 9832227, in which two stars are orbiting each other. The team thinks that these two stars are getting closer together and could collide in 2022. This amalgamation then is called red nova and will result in an explosion that would trigger a 10,000-fold brightness and could be visible from Earth. 

On the other hand, the appearance of this bright new star has much bigger implications, according to the rabbis from Israel. A rabbi refers to a biblical prophecy of Balaam that the emergence of a new star will be a precursor to the arrival of the Messiah. The prophecy is described in Numbers 24: 17, "I see him, but not now; I behold him, but not nigh; there shall step forth a star out of Yakov, and a scepter shall rise out of Yisrael, and shall smite through the corners of Moab, and break down all the sons of Seth."

Rabbi Berger told the Breaking Israel News that the Rambam brings this verse about a star appearing as proof that the Messiah will come one day. He further said that it will come from Jacob, and not from Esau. He added that the Messiah will specifically come from the tribe of Judah.

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