Bizarre Cloud Has Alien Hunters Claiming UFO Presence

First Posted: Jan 10, 2017 03:19 AM EST

A spherical cloud spotted hovering over a Japanese city of Fujisawa last week has sparked conspiracy theories regarding a "Death Star" UFO observing human life, the puff acting as a shield from people's view.

Experts were quick to respond to the claims. They noted that the sighting may just have been a portion of a larger cloud that got separated due to strong winds. Still, images snapped of the strange cloud already caused a frenzy online, as many had been curious of the floating puffball in the sky.

UFO Sightings Daily creator Scott C. Waring described the cloud in his blog, writing that, "This sphere cloud was seen over Japan last week and it's holding together especially well." He noted that similar clouds are often made by "UFOs that want to hide" but come close to Earth so that they can scan and observe humans. He also explained that since the cloud was formed by a UFO, it can stay together for hours, which goes against the nature of natural clouds that change shape "second by second."

Todd Lane, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Melbourne, begged to differ. He told Science Alert that the bizarre shaped cloud is likely to be some form of a cumulus fractus -- small, ragged cloud fragments that are found under ambient cloud bases. These things form or break off from a larger cloud and are formed by strong winds.

The statement from Lane could also be backed by a photographer who was able to capture the puff in the sky. The photographer shared that the cloud actually started to lose its shape while he was taking pictures, and it faded as if it never even existed to begin with. Taking into account Scott Waring's statement regarding the cloud's longevity in the sky to hide UFOs, it would not have existed long enough for aliens to scan and observe human life on the ground.

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