Do Aliens Believe In God? Alien Expert Finds 'Jesus-Like Face' In NASA's Mars Photos

First Posted: Jan 09, 2017 04:12 AM EST

Alien hunters have spotted a wide range of images claimed as proofs of alien life on Mars. Based on NASA's photos of the Red Planet, images of ancient pyramids and Mayan ruins have led them to conclude that ancient aliens did exist. And just recently, an alien expert discovered yet another puzzling image: a carving resembling the face of Jesus Christ on the "Shroud of Turin" found on a Martian rock.

Express reported that a mysterious rock carving that looked like the face of Jesus Christ on the "Shroud of Turin" could be evidence that aliens may have influenced humans on their beliefs, Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily claimed.

"That Jesus-like face below is difficult to see. It looks similar to the Shroud of Turin," Scott C. Waring wrote on his blog.

The "Shroud of Turin" is the Biblical linen cloth wrapped around the body of Jesus when he died on the cross. On the day of Christ's resurrection, witnesses found his tomb empty, left only with the same cloth where an image of his face was etched onto.

"Its clear that a very primitive civilization lived in this area of Mars long ago, but its still unclear how thousands of archeologists around the world could not take a moment away from their books to spend a few minutes looking at such discoveries," he ranted. "So many opportunities in human history that aliens could have and probably did influence."

While Scott C. Waring spends most of his days venting his frustrations out, NASA scientists and experts are more than convinced that these "discoveries" are nothing but just products of his "over-active imagination" or pareidolia -- a psychological phenomenon where a person sees another image out of something else.

NASA has made it clear that there is still no concrete evidence of alien life on Mars.

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