Aliens, UFO Sightings On World's Deepest Lake? A Strange 3-Mile Long Dark Ring Spotted On Frozen Siberian Lake

First Posted: Jan 02, 2017 03:10 AM EST

Lake Baikal is not only known as the world's deepest lake but also noticeable for reports about aliens and UFO sightings. On April 23, 2009, a mysterious dark ring was seen on Lake Baikal when astronauts captured an image of the frozen Siberian Lake while passing over Siberia from about 220 miles up.

The darkened circular area of the thin ice was situated at the southern end of the lake. It is very strange as the ice cover on top of the lake could be visible in the summer months of June and July. The dark circle was an ice that has been thinned out or melted by something in the waters below. It could also be seen in the video that the ice around the circle began to crack and moved apart. The size of the circle was about 3 miles from end to end, according to YouTube Rocks.

The astronauts and scientists were baffled on the origins of the dark circle. They looked and examined some photos taken by the satellite before. They discovered that Lake Baikal had a similar circle near the center of the lake, which they noticed on April 5, 2009. It was documented dated back in April 1994, similar mysterious circular ice patterns have been detected, too. This was the time of the STS 59 shuttle mission and the STS 51b shuttle mission in 1985.

The origin of these circles was unidentified. It has been said that the circular patterns could be a convection upwelling in the lake's water column. This means that the warm water had risen to the top of the cold water and melted the ice in a strange circular pattern that caused it to weaken and then cracked. On the other hand, many puzzling questions have been raised about these circular patterns emerging on the lake as well as their changing locations.

What is more mysterious is that Lake Baikal is also blanketed with reports of aliens and UFO sightings. This lake has been a location of several alleged aliens and UFO sightings ever since.

Siberian Times reports that military divers had seen aliens and large "spaceships" in the area. It also reported that there were two photographers that claimed they saw UFOs buzzing over the lake about a quarter of a century ago. There were also sightings of "bright-cigar shaped objects" hovering over Baikal. Some locals also reported seeing human images or probably aliens coming down the circle or disk, which was probably their spaceship. On the other hand, when these human images saw that people were watching them, they went inside their spaceship and flew away.

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