Climate Change Latest News: First Ever Climate Change Innovation Lab Established By Kingborough City Council

First Posted: Dec 24, 2016 03:10 AM EST

The Kingborough City Council is all set to open the first ever Climate Change Innovation Lab in Australia, which will be open for scientists working on climate change in Australia and the Pacific islands. Additionally, it will also be open to local residents, who can walk in voluntarily and embrace the challenges of climate change.

A Brilliant Effort to Tackle Climate Change

The city council of Kingborough, Tasmania, Australia, decided to take an initiative to study the reasons and consequences of climate change and devise suitable remedial and combat strategies. The council announced the opening of first ever established Climate Change Innovation Lab, which will be set up at the Kingston Beach Hall. The lab will be open for climate change experts and locals alike.

The lab will start functioning within the next six months, from the Kingston Beach Hall and partly from the Kingston Beach Arts Hub. The ingenious venture of the city attracted support of private enterprises, especially insurance companies. This lab may help these insurance firms to identify and decide as to when and where the company should start or stop developments in the high flood high risk areas, reported Daily Telegraph.

Climate Change and Rise in Sea Level

The idea was first conceived after Kingborough closely missed a flood, two years ago. The event raised inquisitiveness and awareness among the locals regarding the severity of the outcomes of climate change.

Steve Wass, mayor of Kingborough city, said, "Even with the sea at existing levels the right combination of high tides and flooding from nearby Browns River could cause some of Kingston Beach's roads and properties to go under water."

He happily announced that, "Kingborough had stepped up following a near-miss flooding event two years ago, initiating scientific studies and formulating strategies for both defence, and retreat, as water levels rose." Wass also stressed that, "There is a wealth of information out there if we can bring everyone together.''

The Kingborough Climate Change Innovation Lab caught the attention of climate change peers across Australia, after it was discussed in the National Climate Change Adaption Research Facility meeting in Melbourne. Hopefully, it will help in creating awareness and solution toward climate change and its outcomes.

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