Chinese Students Were Forced To Take Exams In Toxic Heavy Smog

First Posted: Dec 23, 2016 01:54 AM EST

China has been on "red alert" for five days due to heavy smog and air pollution that enveloped its 23 cities. The major roads in the capital were closed as well as factories, schools and other establishments. On the other hand, this did not stop the headmaster of the middle school in central China's Henan to cancel the planned exams.

The headmaster let more than 400 Chinese high school students take exams in outdoor school playground in a toxic heavy smog despite orders of the city's authorities to suspend classes in all schools for the whole week because of air pollution. In the photo, the high school students were seen sitting on their legs taking exams in Math, English and PE in the dense toxic smog.

The images circulated among the Chinese Internet users and a parent also complained to a local newspaper. The headmaster of the high school was suspended from his duties after the incident, according to CNN.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection in China stated that about 71 cities across the nation have been affected by air pollution last week up to this present time. This air pollution contains highly harmful particles that have been generated from coal burnt for heating and other things. Observers commented that the heavy smog was like the "airpocalypse," which was frightening to witness even in video, according to Time

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