Earth Is Doomed, Will Become A Barren Red Planet Like Mars

First Posted: Dec 23, 2016 03:10 AM EST

Atmospheric escape is eventually going to make the planet Earth like Mars -- a barren Red Planet, according to an astrophysicist at Harvard University. The scientist has reportedly said that 400 pounds of hydrogen and nearly 6.6 pounds of helium escape from Earth into space with every single moment that passes.

According to a report in the web site Ted, Astrophysicist Anjali Tripathi said that the atmospheric escape from the planet Earth will eventually cause a huge change in the composition of its atmosphere, finally leading to a state where life would not be able to exist anymore and Earth will eventually become a barren place. Tripathi also added that the atmosphere is a "tenuous veneer around our planet that allows life to flourish... And it is such an amazing phenomenon that the fact that it is disappearing should frighten you, at least a little bit."

Mars, which is a barren planet now, is thought to have had a weather system just like Earth's, according to researchers. This indicates that once, it to could have hosted life. However, the planet went through a massive process of atmospheric pressure and lost hydrogen to space, leaving only oxygen behind. Subsequently, the oxygen is believed to have turned the planet red by oxidizing the surface.

CCT News reported that Anjali Tripathi suggested Earth is going the same process, and this will occur at a more rapid scale in the future when the Sun gets brighter, finally engulfing a majority of the solar system. However, long before that, the Earth would have already started to look like Mars.

On a more positive note, do not let the grim news spoil the holiday mood. According to Anjali Tripathi, there is still a few billion years left before Earth meets its apocalyptic doom. "So don't fear, it's not for a few billion years, so there's some time to prepare," the astrophysicist added on a lighter note.

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