Chinese Scientists Test Technology To Transport Humans To Mars In 70 Days

First Posted: Dec 22, 2016 04:41 AM EST

The Tiangong-2 space laboratory seems to be a hot bed of action as scientists from China have confirmed tests on a working prototype of the controversial and almost impossible NASA 's EmDrive.

The EmDrive or electromagnetic drive, a technology that NASA claims to have developed, will use only electromagnetic radiation to propel the engine. This is thought to be clearly impossible as it simply goes against the basic laws of physics.

What Makes the EmDrive Technology Special?

The EmDrive technology will make for a fuel-free engine that will thrive on electromagnetic radiation.

The EmDrive technology still seems esoteric and an inconceivable idea to many scientists. Roger Shawyer, a British engineer, had proposed this technology that uses only electricity to generate movement. Radiation pressure is built up by bouncing microwaves around a chamber that is shaped like a cone.

This idea did make scientists sit up and take notice. Several publications carried the report, yet none have really thought it be workable so far, ECNS reported.

According to a controversial report that had appeared in the Journal Propulsion and Power, researchers from NASA's Eagleworks Laboratories said that they had built the technology that could empower the engine to transport humans to Mars in 70 days. In the report, NASA had claimed it had successfully built the engine using the EmDrive technology.

Chinese Scientists Make Headway with EmDrive Technology

Chinese scientists have made claims that they have been developing a technology resembling that of the impossible EmDrive since 2010.

Furthermore, scientists from China are presently testing such a device in low-Earth orbit aboard Tiangong-2. They have also confirmed that once this technology is tested and found to be successful, they will employ it on satellites without delay, Sputnik revealed.

How will this technology even work with no fuel to eject is one of the overriding questions in the minds of skeptics. In addition, where does Newton's law of motion that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction figure?


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