2017 Apple iPhone 8: High-End Ferrari Model To Be Unveiled Next Year Alongside iPhone 7S/ 7S Plus, Says Report! Complete Specs, Price & Release Date Revealed!

First Posted: Dec 22, 2016 05:00 AM EST

With the launch of the iPhone 7, Apple again showed the world who the real boss in the smartphone market is. Although the smartphone received mixed reviews, it did manage to break the previous sales records. Now, with the upcoming 2017 Apple iPhone 8, which will reportedly have a "Ferrari" OLED model design, the tech giant may again leave its users surprised.

The Apple iPhone 8 will debut next year alongside two other variants: the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S+. Recent reports reveal that the upcoming iPhone 8 will be rolled as a high-end Ferrari model. Here's what we know about Apple's latest smartphone so far:

2017 Apple iPhone 8: Here's Everything About The High-End Ferrari Model

A Weibo user who has earlier accurately given leaks regarding the earlier iPhone models revealed something about Apple's upcoming smartphone. The user stated in his Chinese social media account that the upcoming smartphone may be rolled out with the name "Ferrari" for the high-end model. The post also includes documents which supposedly show the internal codename of the top OLED iPhone 8, and the two LCD-based iPhone 7 and 7s models.

If the leaks are true then the phone manufacturer will roll out three 2017 Apple iPhone models, marking the earlier rumors as true. The three upcoming models have been codenamed D20, D21, and D22. The leak also reveals that the top-of-the-line iPhone 8 model will get the name "Ferrari". It's worth noticing that this year's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus were given the name D10 and D20 at the time of their production. The document also suggests that Apple has given the high-end model the name "Ferrari." The original iPhone was codenamed "Project Purple" and the new name doesn't seem to sound that bad at all.

2017 Apple iPhone 8: Specs & Features

Apple has not yet revealed anything about the new smartphone officially. However, we can still speculate about its features based on the earlier reports and leaks. Recent rumors suggest that the upcoming smartphone will feature an AMOLED screen panel. Unlike the earlier OLED screen, which is being used by Samsung, the new panel will enable the phone to have an all-display front surface without any borders.

There have also been reports regarding the screen panel to be mounted on plastic, which suggests that the screen might be curved. The Wall Street Journal had also reported earlier that the Smartphone giant was testing new iPhone prototypes with a curved screen. If that is true, the 2017 Apple iPhone 8 will have a complete redesign.

2017 Apple iPhone 8: What Else Will Be New?

Other leaks about the smartphone indicate that the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S+ will also feature a glass sandwich design to enhance the wireless charging and also an "invisible" home button. The leaked documents also claim that the new "Ferrari" iPhone will have a major internal redesign. Being the iPhone's 10th anniversary next year, it remains to be seen what the smartphone giant has in store for us.

The smartphone will be rolled out sometime in mid-2017 alongside iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S+. No official announcement has been made about the price so far. Stay tuned to SWR for more updates and the latest news on the 2017 Apple iPhone 8.

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