Indian Islands Face Threat Of Going Under Water Due To Sea Level Rise

First Posted: Dec 21, 2016 03:24 AM EST

The Munroethuruthu delta islands, located at the confluence of Kallada River and the Ashtamudi Lake in the Indian state of Kerala, reportedly face the threat of going down under water due to sea level rise triggered by climate change. A study conducted by a state-level environment committee member suggesting the same was recently submitted to Kerala's government.

According to a report by The Hindu, the study led by Parishad V.K. Madhusoodanan states that the Munroethuruthu islands have already started to drown steadily, and measures to check the same are the need of the moment. These islands in India are densely populated and also provide means of livelihood to many.

"The granite protection embankments constructed around some of the islands, a few boat jetties and over 100 acres of paddy fields at the Cherikadavu confluence location that are now under water are indications that Munroethuruthu has already been hit by sea level rise," Madhusoodanan said in a World TV News report. "Fourteen families have left the place after having lost their homes following the phenomenon."

The study report has been submitted to the Chief Minister of Kerala, the Disaster Management Department, the Centre for Earth Science Studies and the University for Fisheries and Ocean Studies among other important institutions and ministers. The case study has recommended that the inhabitants of the islands should be considered as environment refugees and provided with relief measures. Other recommendations include the set up of an Ashtamudi Lake Protection Authority and a major mangrove afforestation project. Furthermore, according to the study, the sea should be left undisturbed by adopting a planned retreat from the threatened areas.

Scientific studies carried out by reputed universities from various nations have shown that important deltas across the world stand threatened by sea level rise and the case of Munroethuruthu islands in India is no different. Moreover, the Indian Ocean's littoral areas are most vulnerable to the threatening challenges associated with sea level rise.

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