Leonardo DiCaprio: Climate Change Spreads Like Wildfire, Claims That Tackling The Phenomenon Is An Economic Opportunity

First Posted: Dec 21, 2016 02:10 AM EST

More people are taking a stand against climate change. Even celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio are making their move in fighting against global warming. Thus, he claims that tackling climate change is the biggest economic opportunity in the history of the United States, whoever is seated in the political office.

During the United Nations awards ceremony, Leonardo DiCaprio said that, "There are a few, very prominent people that still deny the overwhelming conclusions of the world's scientists that climate change is largely human-caused and needs immediate urgent attention. But the truth about climate change had spread like "wildfire"," NZ Herald reported.

Yet, Leonardo DiCaprio never mentioned the name of the President-elect Donald Trump during his speech as he received a prize for his work as a global citizen. The head of DiCaprio's foundation and himself met with Donald Trump and his team earlier this month. It has been reported that both sides argued that supporting renewable energy could give millions of jobs.

Leonardo DiCaprio added that people everywhere are acting to curb the damage to humans, nature and wildlife from a warming planet, from putting a price on carbon emissions to buying cleaner cars, eating less meat and businesses vowing to be carbon-neutral.

"To those who may be discouraged by naysayers, let me remind you, the environmental awakening is all over the world and the progress we have made so far has always been because of people, not governments," Leonardo DiCaprio added.

Meanwhile, as many would know, Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscars for playing the role of a fur trapper battling nature in the film The Revenant. In addition, he said that his documentary, Before The Flood, was the most viewed "in history [showing] just how much the world cares about the issue of climate change."

However, Leonardo DiCaprio added that the battle to address the effects of climate change was far from over. He is calling on the world to implement the Paris Agreement. The agreement came into work in November, but DiCaprio suggested that the agreement should go further.

Leonardo DiCaprio also worked closely with the outgoing secretary-general of the U.N., Ban Ki-moon, on climate action. He congratulated him for "elevating the significance of climate change to one of fundamental global sustainability and peace."

The Guardian reported that Leonardo DiCaprio said, "Without Ban's persistence, the world would never have made so much progress on climate change, culminating in the Paris agreement sealed in December 2015."

Thus, Ban said that acting on climate change can lead to cleaner, growth, jobs and better health. He added that the leaders of top companies, mayors and governors already understood this.

As follows, Ban said during his final press conference at the United Nations that, "The Paris agreement was a precious achievement that we must support and nurture. There is no turning back."

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