Air Pollution In China Breaks All Records; Air Pollutants Are Off The Charts In Northern China

First Posted: Dec 21, 2016 03:10 AM EST

The condition of air pollution in China is getting critical as many cities in Northern China are issued red alert due to abrupt increase in the concentration of air pollutants. The smog was found to worsen the condition as air pollution in China crossed the WHO guidelines by a factor of 100.

In Hebei province, the levels of PM 2.5, which is a fine particulate matter present in the air, increased to 1,000 micrograms per cubic meter, whereas the WHO guidelines clearly indicate that the annual average of PM 2.5 should not exceed 10 micrograms. As a consequence of increased air pollution in China, people are facing breathing difficulties and other health complications.

Northern China usually experiences heavy smog and increased levels of particulate matter in the winters, because the level of smoke generated from coal burning increases as most average Chinese homes depend on coal to keep them warm. In the present year, the levels of air pollution in China surpassed all predictions and reached dangerous levels, which forced the authorities to issue red alert in many cities. This red alert involves various measures to impede air pollution in China viz. suspension of factory production and traffic reduction, reported South China Morning Post.

The impact of air pollution in China has touched all facets of life. Hundreds of flights were canceled last week due to decreased visibility in the heavy smog. According to local residents, the air outside smells like coal and the indoor conditions are equally worse. Social networking sites are filled with posts of Chinese people complaining about the real time impacts of increasing air pollution in China. It was also observed that many people are fleeing the cities and heading south to escape the torment, according to The Indian Express.

It is predicted that the smog will dissipate within a few days, but the same cannot be said about the levels of air pollution in China. According to the Environment Priotection Agency (EPA), the levels of air pollutants in China are extremely hazardous for human health. Furthermore, the National Meteorological Center has issued a warning that the condition of air pollution in China is going to shift from bad to worse as more and more cities are likely to be affected in the near future.

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