Alien Hunters Find Mars' Inhabitant Pointing At NASA's Curiosity Rover

First Posted: Dec 20, 2016 04:48 AM EST

Alien hunters finally found evidence of alien life on Mars and the extraterrestrial being even looked aware it is being observed.

Express UK reported that an alien was found interacting with NASA's Curiosity rover droid in an image. While the space agency has been searching for proofs of extraterrestrial life on the Red Planet, alien hunters pointed out that what they have been looking for was right in front of them.

UFO expert Scott C. Waring claimed that an alien was captured pointing at the rover in a blog posted on his website,

"This is an alien figure on a hillside overlooking the rover. It's actually holding up its arm, pointing at the rover," he wrote. "The head, chest and arm are all exposed, and there is a triangle area at its feet, which makes it look like a toga," he added.

The website's editor labeled different species found in other images, too. Such photos show faces of a human, a hippo as well as heads of a dinosaur and an alien.

Scott Waring also claimed that he even saw creatures likened to various Earth animals like crabs, mokeys, a giant mouse and fossils among others.

"Did you know there was a Mantis species on Mars?" he wrote. "Some extraordinary faces that give us an in-depth look at who they were."

While scientists and NASA experts say that these claims are all effects of alien hunters' overactive imagination and pareidolia -- psychological phenomenon where people can see a random image out of something else -- Scott Waring seemed to be doing great at finding living images from random objects captured on the planet.

These claims are taken by viewers more like an entertainment rather than facts. A pareidolia play, indeed. This psychological occurrence is common among people that enjoy watching clouds and finding different shapes and faces in the sky.

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