Santa Claus Is More Science And Less Magic?

First Posted: Dec 16, 2016 03:20 AM EST

It is Santa Claus time of the year when the atmosphere turns festive and magical for Christmas is here!

Has anyone wondered how Santa Claus travels in one night to deliver gifts to more than 700 million children worldwide? An Exeter expert has sought to unravel the magic of Santa Claus and has observed a lot of science behind it.

Dr. Katy Sheen, scientist at the University of Exeter, has found that science can explain to a large extent the work of Santa Claus, reveals Exeter Express.

Analyzing Santa Claus

Dr. Sheen was intrigued as early as age seven and wanted to know the reasoning behind the magic of Santa Claus instead of just accepting famous stories.

Applying the laws of physics, Dr. Katy Sheen first calculated that to actually keep the surprise with the many millions of kids worldwide in just one night, Santa needs to travel at 10 million kph, notwithstanding time zones.

Dr. Sheen falls back on Einstein's theory of Special Relativity here. She says that when Santa journeys at that lightning speed, he could turn invisible, maybe even shrink to simply travel down the narrowest chimneys.

Applying Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity

So, how does Santa's large sack and huge belly fit into narrow paths? Dr. Sheen explains that Einstein's theory demonstrates how at high speeds objects get compressed. This means Santa could simply slide down the narrowest paths with ease.

High speeds may also ensure Santa is almost invisible to the human eye. His invisibility helps him leave surprise gifts behind for children without any trace of him, adding to the magic of Christmas.

What About the Sound if Not the Sight?

Science offers an explanation regarding the arrival of a noiseless Santa with the famous Doppler Effect that seems to mute out sounds or muffle them. Therefore, the sound of bells, reindeer and sleigh may just be deaf to the human ear, Dr. Sheen said.

Ageless and Timeless Santa

Time seems to have stood still for Santa Claus. Dr. Sheen used relativity again to explain how time slows down for objects moving at great speeds.

Explaining how physics is there in all areas of life, Dr. Sheen seemed to have just lifted the magic veil around Santa Claus and decoded it.

Dr. Sheen said: "How does Santa manage to reach these phenomenal speeds? Well that's magic! However, he would certainly need a lot of fuel - so don't forget his glass of sherry, a mince pie or two and some carrots for the reindeer!"


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